Step 01

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of any SEO campaign. Here comes our 7+ years experience of SEO done for websites on various niches. For the highly competitive niche like lawyer, we mainly focused on long tail high conversion rate keywords.

We've picked mainly low & medium competitive keywords to take the advantage of low volume but high value traffic!

Step 02

Competitor Analysis

As the lawyer niche is already overcrowded, we needed to have a catch to rank us higher on the search engines. After analyzing the competitor websites and measuring their SEO performance, we were able to find our way towards ‘Magical Number 1’ Position in SERP for low volume but very specific.

Step 03

Optimizing Website

Everything glitters is not gold! Search engines look at the website way much different than we do. It doesn’t matter how much fancy it is, how much high quality images you are putting up there but you should provide search engines what they are looking for. And it not those old gold days where putting up few keywords and writing descriptive articles ranked easily. Now, SEO has evolved there are lot of new stuff that we have to deal with like voice queries, AMP, Advanced Snippets, Knowledge graph and whats not! SEO doesn’t only mean ranking higher on search engines. But it also means using entire potential of search engines to give customer best experience as possible & that’s what we do on a daily basis! We focussed on generating and optimizing the content which is richer in terms of value than competitors till we get the desired position on SERPs.

Step 04

Content is King, Data is Queen!

‘Data Analysis’ acts as a catalyst in our SEO campaigns. We’ve taken as much data as possible from webmaster, analytics and other sources. And we focussed on preserving and optimizing the existing articles which gave us significant boost for traffic!

Step 05

Results talks not words!

Here are the results we’ve generated in merely 60 days! We can DOUBLE your business too! Just Book a Discovery Call NOW!

What we've learned!

SEO is Not Magic

"It's an art of giving best to your consumers what they want in a manner which is also understandable by search engines"

Drumrolls Please....

131% Growth on Google in 60 days!

User Acquisition

9.79% Increase in Avg. Time on Page!

More Engagement

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