Real Estate - Case Study - Karla Kirk From Ultima Real Estate (8 Closing in 8 Months)

What Karla has to say about us


In the past 8 months, we have generated 1000+ leads and 300+ qualified leads for Karla and in the past 8 months, we were able to generate leads that were qualified enough to be Karla's next closing. As of now, the client has 13 under contracts in progress and 8 closings, selling homes around 2.5 Million Dollars in value alone in the last 8 months.

About the Client

Karla Kirk, originally from Mexico City, came to the US in 1993. During all this time Karla has lived in California, Texas, New Jersey and Florida. Real estate has always been her fascination, especially living in major states. This has allowed her to study the different markets, what is in fashion when it comes to different architectural designs.

Our Role

1. Lead Generation

2. Providing with Pre Qualified Leads

3. Making the Clients qualification process minimal


It is said that you can find gold if you search in stones. Obtaining leads is difficult, and acquiring quality leads is even more challenging. The system faced challenges when leads were generated, but they did not meet the desired quality and were not suitable for sales. At The Virtual Wiz, we ensure that the leads we provide are of high quality and have the potential to become future buyers. We have established multiple tested and proven systems to help us filter out individuals who can be classified as good or qualified leads. The system undergoes daily testing and analysis to further optimize it, ensuring that every lead entering the system is the best quality we can offer to our clients.

Like the saying goes, the first obstacle is usually the toughest, but once it's overcome, clearing other obstacles becomes easier. The same applied to our system. To obtain qualified leads, we implemented multiple filters and targeted individuals who had shown interest in purchasing homes within the past few days. We meticulously classify leads based on the questionnaires they fill out and then filter them accordingly.

Once the leads are categorized as not qualified, partially qualified, or qualified, we include them in pretested and automated Email and SMS campaigns. This ensures they receive proper follow-up and have access to all necessary information before booking an appointment with Karla. Once the appointments were set, the leads received reminders and all the information needed for the appointments.